Most of the fastener manufacturing company will offer some type of warranty, but it is always a good idea to find out what it is. Keep in mind that it can vary based on provider as well as what you buy from them. The coverage and how you file a claim can also vary. Know the facts to help ensure you get a very good deal. Never assume anything or you could be frustrated and disappointed with the outcome.
Not all coverage is the same on the products you buy due to the materials from fasteners are used to create them. Some materials from a manufacturing company are very strong and others aren’t nearly the same quality. You may be tempted to buy the lower priced items, but if they don’t last you may pay out of pocket to replace them. It could be cost efficient in the long run to buy the more expensive and better quality products.
How do you file the claim? They should make it fast and easy for you to get results. Avoid working with any fastener manufacturing company will make you jump through hoops. It simply isn’t worth the time involved. Ask them before you start working with them what the procedure is and how simple it is.
Look for feedback from other customers too. Do they feel like the warranty is honorable from that provider? Do they feel like they got the runaround and no one wanted to help them once they took their money? You can learn plenty from the past experiences of others so don’t be afraid to investigate so you are well informed.
What is the longevity of the business? A wonderful warranty isn’t going to do you much good if they go out of business soon. If they have been around for quite some time, there is no reason to assume they won’t be down the road either. A business with plenty of years under its belt tends to be one that has happy customers.
If you can’t get any warranty on the fasteners that the manufacturer offers that you are taking a huge gamble. A warranty often implies they stand behind what they can deliver. It shows they care about their customers and making them happy. Compare what such companies have to offer including their warranty before you make up your mind who you will worth with.
Since you should be able to get all you need plus the warranty from the manufacturer company, there is no reason not to get it from them. It can be a huge mistake if you order lots of products for them and then nothing is covered.
The warranty from fastener manufacturing company should always be offered to you in writing. This I the only way for you to be able to reference back to it if you need to down the road. It should clearly state what is covered, how long it is covered, and how you go about making a claim. Avoid those that seem to have too many loopholes in them to really help you out.